I have always been a visual person

I have always been a visual person

If you were to ask me what my favorite film is, I would say without hesitation, “The Black Stallion

from 1979 hands down.” From my earliest childhood memories, I recall being awed and

enraptured by this film. Even before I could truly understand the dialogue or what was going

on in the story, I would watch with rapt attention. Just about the entire film is like watching a

masterpiece painting. The DP, Caleb Deschanel, gives you a visual feast in each scene. I

didn’t know it then, but the reason why I loved this film and still love it now is because of the

amazing visuals. It was without question that I would become a visual storyteller.

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The name Cammon, it's a old family name

The name Cammon, it's a old family name

I am one of those fortunate enough to really enjoy what I do. Not only is my work my hobby,

but my hobby is my work. I eat, sleep, and drink cameras and lighting. From almost becoming

emotionally attached to my cameras to designing and using my own lighting fixtures in my

work, I love what I do. Oh, and don’t get me started on how cool it is to have an iPhone. It’s the

ultimate mini filmmaking tool. It goes around with you in your pocket all day. Shoot, edit, and

deliver all so easily now that there is no excuse to not tell your story. I am also lucky enough to

have a loving wife and family who understand this and support me all the way, even if they get

tired of being the talent for the latest new camera tests.

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Mountains and Redrock are in my Blood

Mountains and Redrock are in my Blood

I am actually from Utah, born and raised. Country boy at heart you could say. This doesn’t

mean I don’t enjoy getting out into the big city and working. I get out to L.A. quite a bit

throughout the year but am always happy to come home. For those of you who don’t know,

Utah is one of the friendliest filming states there is. Not only do we have amazing locations in

relative close distance to each other, the crews here are great.

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I think if you want to make Films you just Do it!

I think if you want to make Films you just Do it!

I could say that my filmmaking education began after taking state for my high school in AV

(still not sure how that works) and then going on to represent Utah at a national level, then

going on to get an associate’s degree in multimedia from UVSC (now amazing UVU), and then

finished off a bachelor’s at BYU majoring in communications/advertising and minoring in film.

But it started way before that. From the get-go I was a geek. I would mow lawns around the

neighborhood to earn money to buy film. Each weekend my best friend Matt Hoffman and I

would spend countless hours making videos for ourselves before there was anyone to show

them to (imagine a world without YouTube). And I would say the journey is not over yet. Each

day I know I am learning and bettering myself. Each project I work on, every gaffer I work with

will teach me something new.

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