I could say that my filmmaking education began after taking state for my high school in AV

(still not sure how that works) and then going on to represent Utah at a national level, then

going on to get an associate’s degree in multimedia from UVSC (now amazing UVU), and then

finished off a bachelor’s at BYU majoring in communications/advertising and minoring in film.

But it started way before that. From the get-go I was a geek. I would mow lawns around the

neighborhood to earn money to buy film. Each weekend my best friend Matt Hoffman and I

would spend countless hours making videos for ourselves before there was anyone to show

them to (imagine a world without YouTube). And I would say the journey is not over yet. Each

day I know I am learning and bettering myself. Each project I work on, every gaffer I work with

will teach me something new.